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noise in this silence

Street smart. And book smart.

But greed is a bottomless pit
and our freedom’s a joke
we’re just taking a piss,
and the whole world must watch the sad comic display,
if you’re still free start running away...

Ron & Hermione are Oppugno Love

We might go away, but we're never gone.

a few good men, a very long engagement, activism, adobe photoshop, amelie poulain, ana lucia, animal rights, anti-animal cruelty, anti-media, anti-war, architecture, art, astronomy, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, before sunrise, before sunset, benjamin rojas, big bang, billy joe, black holes, blink 182, brokeback mountain, busted, california, chase-y-su-pelo, chase/cameron, chocolate, coffee, coldplay, comedies, drawing, dreams, dwight, dwight/angela, einstein, energetic drinks, felicity, felicity/noel, fernando alonso, foreign movies, formula 1, franz ferdinand, free hugs campaign, friends, futurama, good-old-boys-drinkin’-whiskey-and-rye, graphics, green day, guitars, han solo, han/leia, harry potter, heroes, hiro nakamura, house md, house's brain, house/cuddy, indie rock, ipods, j.k. rowling, james bourne, jean-pierre jeunet, jesse/celine, jim/pam, jipi jou, le petit prince, logan/veronica, lost, making icons, marylin monroe, mathilde/manech, matrix, michael scott, milky way, mmm, mp3, mr. darcy/elizabeth, music, nature, neo, new york, nino quincampoix, oasis, pablo/marizza, peter petrelli, poetry, potter, powerpuff girls, pride & prejudice, rachel bilson, randomness, rebelde way, red bull, religious symbolism, rights, ron/hermione, sawyer, sawyer/kate, seth cohen, seth/summer, sex and the city, shakira, simple pleasures, soundtracks, stephen hawking, sugarquill, taking pictures, tesis, the cardigans, the killers, the oc, the office, the simpsons, uncool people, vegans, veronica mars, when harry met sally, will smith